Butter Crocks

Butter Crocks


So excited for these!! We’ve been getting some pretty delicious butter from our local farmer’s market, and it’s such a treat to have it soft and ready to spread on some crusty bread.

Butter Crocks to keep your butter at room temperature
Can hold up to a stick of butter
4”H x 3.25”W

Styled photography courtesy Aimee from @thehomegrownapple . She has an amazing Stories highlight documenting her homemade sourdough journey.

To use: Soften butter and press into top. Place a small amount of water in the bottom crock. You’ll have to experiment a bit to find the perfect amount. And there you go! The water seals the butter from any outside contaminants so you can have softened butter ready to spread. There are many tutorials online to also guide you.

Choose raw top edge or glazed top edge.

Handmade in our Los Angeles studio 
Due to the handmade nature of our work, color and shape will vary slightly 
Hand washing is best, but also dishwasher and microwave safe

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