The Art of Kintsugi

There are so many chances for accidents throughout the ceramic production, and we get our fair share of breakage! Over the years our collection of gently damaged pieces has grown and I finally took the time to mend them through the Japanese technique of Kintsugi.



Kinsugi traditionally uses a lacquer mixed with real gold powder to repair cracks and breaks in pottery. The philosophy of Kintsugi aims to embrace an object's flaws. Instead of hiding or throwing away the piece once chipped or cracked, Kintsugi highlights the breakage and repair and adds it to the object's rich history. It's truly a beautiful sentiment, and a philosophy that can really be applied to all aspects of life. 

Traditional materials are somewhat difficult and expensive to obtain in the US, so I simply used a 2-part epoxy that dries to a non-toxic finish, and powdered gold painter's pigment that I found at an art supply store. A totally non-traditional technique, but the effects are similar, and it completely breathes new life into our damaged pieces!

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