AQOE at Home | Interview with Jenna from Among the Sage


We’re always stopped in our tracks when we’re tagged in one of Jenna’s Instagram photos. We love the calm vibes and lush simplicity of her interiors, which almost always include handmade ceramics. Jenna kindly answered a few questions so we could get to know more about her and her beautiful sense of style. Enjoy!


How did your interest in interior design get started?

I have always had an interest in interior design, starting at a very young age. I have always been very “in tune” with energies and always felt my energy feels best walking into a creative and clean space. My environment and what I surround myself around plays a huge impact on my overall well being. Being able to help control how I am feeling with surrounding myself with little treasures I adore and in return help friends and family do the same really has an impact on my interest in interior design.

How would you describe your design style?

Scandi meets Boho-- In my eyes, this means clean neutrals with pops of minimal color.


Since living in SF can be expensive, do you have any tips on budgeting when it comes to decorating your apartment?

Less is always more, cliché I know. Over the years, I have definitely changed my perspective on buying items for my apartment. I used to want to quickly fill my space and would spend money on items I didn’t necessarily love for that quick fix to then replace the items with something I found later on. My best advice is to spend time and make sure your heart is 100% set on something. Now a days, I rather save up and spend a tad more on something I am completely in love with vs buying the “quick fix alternative”.

Your apartment definitely exudes your personal style. For someone just starting out, what is the one thing you would recommend to change/upgrade for the biggest impact?

Thank you :) —One thing that I would recommend to change/upgrade for the biggest impact would be light fixtures. They change the entire space/feel of a room! Adding mirrors will also enlarge your space without adding too much distraction.


Your home is full of beautiful handmade ceramics (including ours, thank you!). What do you think ceramics bring to an interior?

I will admit, I have an obsession with handmade ceramics. From mugs, vases, and small objects, give me all the handmade ceramics…for reals! I love being able to use items that someone has made with their actual hands. The love, time, and unique factor that they display is a huge part of what makes my apartment feel special and one of a kind.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. To see more of Jenna’s work check out her lovely Instagram! @amongthesage